Flaps. Practical Reconstructive Surgery + Videos Online Shokrollahi, K. — Whitaker, I. — Nahai, F.


ISBN-13: 9781604067156


Abril / 2017

1ª Edición


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Written by pioneering, world renowned flap surgeons, this is the quintessential manual on the use of reconstructive flaps – with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. Overview chapters oneach major anatomical area provide a general approach to reconstruction, with detailed tutorials on workhorse flaps in the A to Z section. The didactic text is enhanced with high qualityoperative photographs, illustrations, and videos, resulting in a resource that enables integration of these techniques into surgical practice.

Key Highlights

  • Progressiveintraoperativephotos and superbillustrationsguidethereaderthroughsafe and efficaciousflapapproaches
  • Planning and decision-makingchapterscoverbasicprinciples, microsurgery, imaging, and anoverview of currentoptions
  • Flapssectiondetailsthemultivariateusages of microsurgicalflaps, pedicledflaps, perforatorflaps, and more
  • Videos focusontheanatomy and basicprinciples of techniquefor a range of commonflapsfurtherdelineating and simplifyingflapsurgeryforthepractitioner
  • TheMasterclassessectionispackedwithstate of the art innovations, personal experience, and insightsonmanagingchallengingreconstructions

This book is a stellar, step-by-step guide on the reconstruction of most anatomical defects using clinically proven flaps. It is an essential reference for practicing and trainee surgeons in general and specialized surgical disciplines. Plastic and reconstructive, trauma/burn, orthopaedic, otolaryngology-head and neck, and maxillofacial surgeons will greatly benefit from thiscomprehensive resource.

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